Custom Friction Hinges

Custom Friction Hinges
Custom Friction Hinges2018-05-04T21:57:11+00:00

Requirements vary! Hanaya Inc, with our over-a-decade of experience supplemented with our state-of-the-art techniques, has the tools to bring you the custom friction hinges needed for your respective application.

What you receive in the end is seamless and thoroughly tested RoHS compliant custom-made friction hinges, made with our very own wrap-around band shaft technology.

What further makes our services impeccable is the affordability. Our engineers work enthusiastically towards offering you designs that not only meet your requirements but are also available at a very competitive price. We further make sure to provide you the prototypes at the lowest costs. Our samples are, in most of the cases free, so do give us a ring at 1-888-5-HINGES or 1-904-285-7575.

Friction Hinges Offer
  • Smooth feel and consistent torque (+/-15% of nominal) over the life of the hinge
  • A minimum life of 30,000 cycles
  • Negligible spring back with no free play to ensure high quality feel
  • Asymmetrical torque configuration for applications requiring less torque to move in one direction than the other
  • Non-dependency on secondary mechanical support to hold unit in place
  • Multiple axis positioning possible with different design configuration
  • Different materials and finishes for cosmetics or corrosion requirements
  • Ability to perform in different environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, or salt spray