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Contsant Torque Hinges

Torque hinges have traditionally been used in the computer industry, but there are new markets where torque hinges can be used to replace gas springs or regular frictionless hinges. Hanaya Inc.’s products can be now found on laptop computers, medical devices, in the aerospace and automotive industries. We work closely with design teams associated with IBM, Ricoh, Audiovox, Boeing and others to help develop the hinges needed in their applications. Our efforts rewarded us with a substantial increase in our client base who are very satisfied with our services and torque hinge products.

Hanaya Inc. has 3 families of standard torque hinges. The 1000 series hinges has torque ranging from 0 to 20 in.lb., the 2000 series with torque ranging from 15 to 30 in.lb and the 3000 series with torque ranging from 30 to 40+ in.lb. Hanaya, Inc.’s superior manufacturing processes result in time-tested quality friction hinges. In some cases our friction hinges’ life cycles exceed 35,000 and torque tolerance has been lowered to 10-15%. Hanaya Inc.’s processes and materials are unique in the friction hinge industry. Our grease is proprietary and has very long-lasting effect in the smooth performance of our friction hinges. It is the combination of these multiple factors that makes our torque hinges better than those of our competitors.

Friction Hinge Features
  • Constant torque friction hinges
  • Available in balance or unbalanced torque
  • All bands are nickel plated for corrosion resistance
  • Different finishes available for cosmetics requirements
  • All hinges have been tested to meet a minimum life of 30,000 cycles
  • Smooth feel and consistent torque is maintained over the life of the hinge (+/- 15% of nominal)
  • Hinges have negligible spring back with no backlash
  • Mix and match different shaft, housing, and adapters to satisfy different mounting configurations
  • All our hinges are RoHS compliant
  • Lead
  • Cadmium
  • Mercury
  • Hexavalent Chromium
  • Under 100ppm
  • Under 5ppm
  • Under 5ppm
  • Under 5ppm

Hanaya Friction Hinges