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Custom Friction Hinges by Hanaya

At Hanaya Inc we believe that trust is the hinge between us and our clients. This belief is reflected in our impeccably designed and manufactured hinges. That’s why we offer you only the most qualitative hinges for commercial and industrial applications, including medical, electronics, automotive, marine, and home products.

Our torque friction hinges are the result of high-end engineering and extensive quality testing to ensure a smooth consistent torque over the life of the hinge. We proudly offer hinges featuring various mounting configurations involving different torque ranges – from 0 to 100 in. Lb. (0 to over 11 Nm) – with a minimum spring back and no backlash. Our team is happy to work with our clients to create semi-custom and fully-custom hinges – as per the client’s OEM application. Clients can always expect the most cost-effective deals from us – irrespective of the order quantity.

Our status as one of the leading friction and torque hinges manufacturers in the world is maintained by our team of talented engineers in the US and the super-efficient manufacturing plants in Asia. Their collaborative effort is what which have kept Hanaya Inc busy in satisfying its clients – Dell, HP, and Sony, being some among them.
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Custom Torque Friction Hinges

During the course of our 10-years-and-still-counting career, we have got a chance to serve the major to small industrial sectors. Our expertise and experience heavily relies on the things we have learned in this journey of serving clients. Over the years, we have always used innovation in our manufacturing processes and thus, have been able to effectively address requirements and challenges for a wide range of applications. Our only aim is to live up to the trust, by offering the most qualitative hinges to our clients. Hanaya Inc has a strong track record of quality and an extensive commitment to excellence. Please feel free to contact us regarding more information about our products and custom design services.

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