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We at Hanaya Inc. offer our high performance friction hinges to serve almost all industries there in the market today. Our friction hinges” are designed to provide reliable torque control solutions in order to meet all your torque needs.

We are dedicated to bringing the most recent and latest of technology to all of our products. Our reliable and elegant torque solutions are an inseparable element of many industries in a variety of forms.

The technology we use makes the difference
It’s our engineered Friction Hinges technology that allows smooth and consistent operation of OEM (original equipment manufacturer) components, while they are in desired positions.
Some of the renowned industries we cater:
Electronic – We design and manufacture products that are widely used in today’s consumer electronics, and communications applications. Our torque solutions can be experienced by the following:

Automotive- We are dedicated to developing precision engineered solutions using high-end torque control technology.

Marine- It’s our quality and reliability that makes us stand out of the crowd. While serving the Marine Industry, we ensure the usage of technology that allows smooth and consistent action in harsh marine environments. We serve following nautical equipment:

Aerospace – Some of the best manufacturer friction hinges are utilized over the old frictionless hinges by the aerospace industry to bring in all the desired comfort along with luxury. Our torque control solutions are readily present among the following: