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Hanaya, Inc. has introduced its line of steel friction hinges for the laptop computer, medical, aerospace, and automotive industries. “We intend to aggressively promote our friction hinge product line through direct contact with industry leaders”, says Jose Cortes, VP of Sales. “We are already co-operating with design teams associated with IBM, Ricoh, Audiovox and Boeing, and we expect this effort to rapidly increase our client base”, Cortes added. “All of our friction hinges are either nickel-plated or made from stainless steel for better protection”. Friction hinges have been traditionally used in the computer industry, but there are new and other markets where friction hinges could be used to replace gas springs or regular frictionless hinges.

Hanaya, Inc.’s superior manufacturing processes result in time-tested quality friction hinges. “Our friction hinges’ life cycles exceed 35,000 in some cases and torque tolerance has been lowered to 10-15%”. “Between our design department and the production facilities that we utilize, we have accumulated a wealth of expertise, and proven capabilities within a wide range of industries”. “We effectively address unique requirements and challenges for motion mechanisms in a wide range of applications”, said Cortes. “Hanaya, Inc. and its preferred vendors have a strong track record of quality and an extensive commitment to excellence”. “Our vendor’s production facility in Taiwan and our engineering department here in the USA have accumulated over 10 years of experience manufacturing and designing friction hinges for the computer industry”.

“The key at Hanaya, Inc. is that we work in close collaboration with the manufacturers and design houses around the world to help them develop innovative solutions that differentiate their products from that of their competitors’ by enhancing the smoothness of the open/close motion”, said George Tan, Head of Engineering. Friction hinges are used on laptop computers or where a lid or panel needs to hold a fixed position. Friction hinges should be carefully selected according to the number of operations they are expected to exercise and the force needed to move the part. There are torque and size limitations. “In order to achieve smoothness of operation, we work extensively with our customers”. “We refuse to go forward in full production until our prototypes or first articles provide the best feel and most reliable results”, concluded Cortes.

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